Crispy Brussels Chips

We all remember the countless Thanksgiving dinners where you push the lifeless boiled brussels sprouts around on your plate or if you were really smart, just stealthily spit them into your napkin without anyone noticing. As hilarious as those memories are, I am forever grateful that brussels sprouts and cabbage in general have been given a new lot in life.

Almost every restaurant has a spin on brussels sprouts, completely revamping everyones idea of these little cuties. Now, they have become extremely common and a crowd favorite! Personally, I like mine baked in the oven. I love the way they crisp up and become almost chip like, which honestly are one of my guiltiest of pleasures.

This recipe could not be any simpler and involves basically nothing. All you need are raw brussels sprouts, extra virgin olive oil, and coarse sea salt!


  • brussels sprouts, roughly chopped
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • sea salt


Preheat your oven to 375F.

Begin by roughly chopping your brussels sprouts. There’s no need to get fancy, just chop them thinly enough that they can crisp up nicely. Then line a cooking tray with foil/parchment paper. Place your chopped sprouts directly onto the tray. Then liberally drizzle your sprouts with a really good extra virgin olive oil.

Place the tray into the oven for about 15-20 minutes, checking midway through and turning the sprouts so each side gets evenly browned. (If your oven is ancient like mine, you may need to adjust the cooking time.) Then, when the sprouts are crisped and browned to your liking you can remove them from the oven.

While hot, sprinkle coarse sea salt over the crispy sprouts. ***My sister taught me to salt these after they are done cooking so that you can taste the salt right away. If you salt them before they go into the oven, you tend to add more salt then needed because you feel inclined to put more on after they cook.

Then serve these salted cuties in your favorite bowl and enjoy!

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