“We Were On A Break”

Life is a pretty crazy thing. I have spent the past year of my life focusing solely on my food and using my recipes to help connect me with myself and with others. I have been able to share with others so many of the foods and stories surrounding food that are near and dear to my heart.

I am fortunate enough that my focus and heart of cooking landed me in the kitchen of an incredible restaurant named Talulas in Asbury Park, New Jersey. I became a cook for them about 3 months ago and because of that I have completely lost track of my website. I still post daily (note the air quotes I am giving because nothing ever happens completely as planned) on Instagram and Facebook. However, I have yet to find a time or way to incorporate typing out my recipes and fully encompassing my blog.

So, for that I want to apologize, not because I am sorry or that enough people are keeping track to be upset with me, but because writing not unlike cooking is a catharsis for me. Writing about my passion for food and the things that happen when good food is the thread behind an experience make this life and career all the sweeter.

I want to share the truths behind working long hours on my feet cooking for people. It isn’t always glamorous and it is most definitely more caffeinated than I would like to think about, but it’s a work of love. I love what I do and I am truly happy that I get to spend each day excited to continue doing what I do.

Whether I am at my job cooking the delicious farm-to-table food we provide or at home squeezing in an early morning or late night cooking session for myself, I am fulfilled. For me a lot of what I do is made all the more real by the act of sharing it. So, I vow to myself and to whoever is listening, reading, eating, and cooking to continue to share with you all. I am so excited for what it next to come and to continue with all of you on this journey of food and more importantly of love.

***The title of this article will only make sense if you grew up as a die hard Friends fan. But, basically my way of conceptualizing my lack of posting to my website for the past few months was a rendition of Ross’s epic line, “We were on a break!!!”

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