You Can Have Your (vegan) Pizza and Eat It Too!

Recently, I have been seeing some unfortunate responses from people towards “fit” women who are influencers or bloggers that promote food and moreover eating food. This personally strikes a nerve with me because part of what I do and why I do what I do is to fight that type of conversation. I do not believe eating delicious, wholesome, or decadent food should bear any weight (pun intended) on the perceived “fitness” or health of your body.

We should end dialogue that puts pressure on anyone to look any specific way that we have deemed as a society to be ideal. If someone wants to stay extremely active and their body is a representation of that then that’s amazing. It is also amazing if we find ways to remove the limits in our diets and eat the food we want to while still remaining a healthy lifestyle.

I think now more than ever we need to combine our collective energy to build one another up. Create a world full of more connection than division. Stop shaming one another or buying into this belief that you have to not eat or restrict your eating to be healthy/fit.

I am living proof that you can make an endless pit of a stomach work for you. I mean seriously, I am basically in a constant state of hunger and find eating to almost always be the right choice. If you work to achieve a healthy lifestyle you will open your mind and world to so many opportunities. You will remove the restrictions we have all adhered to for fear of being “out of shape” or deemed too “big.”

Any body, not just a skinny body, can be a fit, healthy, and beautiful body. This dialogue is why I highly disagree with diet trends and with point based systems. I do not like the idea of numbers on a scale or placed on our food dictating our happiness. If we surround ourselves and fill our bodies with natural and healthy things from the earth our bodies will be forever happy.

I want to work on creating a better relationship for people to their food and in turn to one another. Cooking for yourself is a great way to strengthen our relationship towards food because we get to have a sensory experience. We get to touch the food, smell that food, and then ultimately taste that food. It can be a powerful experience to create something entirely new with your two hands.

I hope that this food blog and the experiences I share throughout can help others to create this connected environment in their own homes. Start to regain control over the ways we feel about food and the conversations surrounding it. We can all find our own pictures of health that work for ourselves. Everyone is different and everyone has a unique version of what health is to them. But, I promise that everyone can continue to eat the foods they desire while feeling the healthiest they ever have.

To drive this point home a little, here is a picture of a large vegan pizza and my forever drink of choice an Old Fashioned. (Yes, you can drink and still be living a healthy lifestyle let’s just set that in stone right now!) I am living proof that we do not have to limit ourselves. I ate half of this pizza all by myself along with downing that entire gorgeous drink. I did not feel guilty one bit or like I was no longer living a healthy lifestyle.

If you feed your body and soul with the things that the universe has already provided for you, than YES you can 100% have your pizza and eat it too! Keep on eating and spreading love y’all and maybe just maybe we can start to shake up this world and bring each other closer together.

For those of you who read through this, I thank you! I want this space I am creating to be way more than just recipes and really create a movement of connected eaters. So thank you for allowing me not only to express my thoughts but to share them with you!




***OH and let me give credit where it is SO strongly due, this mouth watering pizza and drink combo was from Porta in Asbury Park. If you find yourself with the opportunity to get food or drinks at one of Porta’s locations I HIGHLY recommend it. Not only the food is amazing but so is the ambiance. You will not be disappointed!

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