Buffalo Vegan “BLT” with Avocado

I am lucky enough to live near so many awesome restaurants that specialize in their vegetarian and vegan cuisine. One of my favorites, Stay Gold Cafe ,is located in Belmar, New Jersey. They have a “TLT” or tempeh, lettuce, and tomato sandwich that totally inspired me. I immediately asked them what brand of vegan bacon they used and set out on a mission to recreate the delicious sandwich while adding in my own flair!

My mouth is still watering from this sandwich and I assure you yours will be too. If you haven’t tried it yet, Lightlife makes my absolute favorite vegan tempeh “Fakin’ Bacon. ***Thank you Stay Gold Gods for the much welcomed tip to find this tempeh bacon.

– 3 slices of Lightlife vegan tempeh “Fakin’ Bacon
– 1 large tomato sliced
– 1/2 an avocado sliced
– 1 tsp of a mayo alternative, I love “Fabonaise”
– handful of fresh lettuce
– 2 slices of your favorite bread
– 1 tsp of your favorite buffalo sauce, I love Moore’s Marinades and SaucesBuffalo Sauce!

Place your two slice of bread in a toaster until desired crisp I like mine a little burnt so I keep them in there a bit longer than most people!

While bread is toasting, I spray a medium sized skillet with olive oil cooking spray, and turn on medium/high heat. I then place 3 slices of “Fakin Bacon” on the skillet. I brown them for about 2 minutes on each side and then turn the heat off.

Once bread is toasted, spread fabonaise on one side of the toast. Then I layer the avocado, bacon, and lettuce on top of each other. I finish it off withMoore’s Marinades and Sauces Buffalo Sauce and place the second slice of bread on top.

Now cross your fingers and hope that when you slice this little guy in half it doesn’t fall apart. Either way, you are about to enter a whole new world of flavor and will be licking the plate clean!

I cannot wait to see how your sandwiches turn out and let me know if you make any changes! I would love to try out some fun new ideas!

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