Let’s Raise A Toast!

Cheers to the start of an amazing journey together and a healthy lifestyle that you can sustain and have fun with along the way!!! Pop open a bottle of your favorite beverage and let’s celebrate the decision to show up for ourselves and take care of our beautiful bodies. We tend to get overwhelmed by healthy trends or fad diets.

This is by NO MEANS a diet, but rather a new and improved way of life. This page will be filled with yummy recipes that anyone can do! You can mix and match however you’d like. You can start incorporating these types of meals one day a week or go full on Netflix binge and eat this stuff 7 days a week! Whatever you do, I want to make sure that you are happy, stress free, and laughing as you create YOUR picture of health. This is about you and your journey to being the best version of you!


****p.s. this picture was taken at my absolute favorite restaurant – Talula’s in Asbury Park, New Jersey. I spend entirely too much of my time there, however shame is not in my name! So please check them out and most likely you will see me there stuffing my little face with the best food around!!


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